Friday, 8 April 2011

Evaluation Q6

Evaluation: Q3

Audience and Stereotypes.
In movies there are many different stereotypes, the audience will look at the Mise-En-Scene and how the characters behave to assume how they will behave, for Example if the audience where asked to identify the things in a males bag and a female bag they will assume different things:
Male bag                                Female Bag 
Papers from work                   Makeup
laptop                                     Healthy food
Phone                                     Tissue
Cigarettes                               Wipes

Albert, who is 23 is a student at a London, Queen Mary university lives with his girlfriend, he enjoys watching thriller movies during his free time, he usually goes out to watch movies but occasionally he stays  at home and has a film night with friends, he also tends to use the internet in his free time he spends time on social networking sites such as Facebook and Youtube, I believe that Albert wil be attracted to our Film 'I found You' as he enjoys thriller movies, but also he will be exposed to it as he uses Facebook and Youtube which are ways that we plan to distribute our media from

EVALUATION question 6 partly

Question 4&5

Media institutions
There are many different media institutions, that could distribute our product. However as we are independent film makers we will be looking for a more realistic company to distribute our work, we could also use things such as networking sites such as Facebook, Myspace.

This is one way we could distribute our Media as it is very useful, as it has many followers, Facebook has 600 million active followers so i believe that our product will be exposed to huge publicity. It will also allow us to get reviews back from viewers in the form of comments.

Youtube is another way to distribute our media as it also has many followers, it has 48.2 million viewers worldwide, so not only will our product be exposed to many consumers it will also be distributed to a wider range of audience.

This is an example of a student video that has been hugely successful due to the distribution using youtube. We can also use this as an example to distribute our Media, however we can also add a channel to help us distribute our media it will allow the viewers to see how we created our work and I think we will be able to communicate with our audience. We can also have our own film Blog where we can also tell of all the details, all the challenges we made in making our Film.


EVALUATION feedback on the film


EVALUATION question 8

When we first filmed the preliminary we learnt how to do match cut's and different camera angles. We used Final Cut Pro and using it improved our editing skills. In our final film we didn't use the exact same program and instead we decided to use Reason and Adobe Audition. Filming the preliminary gave us a rough idea of how we could approach to things in the final film and what we could do different to have a better final movie. In the preliminary film we didn't really plan properly because of the short of time so we filmed the preliminary twice on two different plots . We changed our plot last minute so it made us have a better plan in our final film which we took our time in. Overall the preliminary didn't look bad and was good for a starter. Having a preliminary was very useful as it made us have a more professional look in the film and improve our weaknesses. Group work was done successfully but due to one of our group members absence we had to use someone from another group to help us out. Because our preliminary was based on a casual day we didn't really take the costumes seriously so we our costume wasn't really good for the final movie which is what we had to improve on the §most. 

Final film
Preliminary film
Final film
Preliminary film

EVALUATION question 3

This is Rhea who is 22 years old. She works in H&M as a store manager. She works full time and spends most of her time working. She enjoys watching movies in her spare time and especially likes the subgenre thriller. Rhea lives with her boyfriend and because of the intense working she cannot spend alot of time with her family. She doesn't really go out so she stays home with her boyfriend watching DVD's as she prefer's to relax. Rhea is the perfect age group for our movie "I Found You" as it has a lot of tension in it and makes you jump. I believe she would enjoy our movie because it gives you goose bumps and is adventerous.