Friday, 7 January 2011

The clip I watched was not jammed with a lot of titles. It had very few than you would usually see. The three things the title sequence included were productions titles, producers and the title of the movie itself.

The first one that we saw was “image movers,” one of the production companies. This was shortly followed the “20th century fox” logo, this company is one of the six major American film studios as of 2010. The last production company we saw last was “DreamWorks pictures”.
These all include the logo and audio to go with it and we, the audience automatically recognise these companies as they are all well established.

After that we saw the image mover’s logo once again, the purpose of this is that so the audience recognise and remember the logo. Most of the title sequence is shown while there isn’t much going on in the background, all I can see is what appears to be a blue background flowing like water. The last think we see in the title sequence is a lady’s face rapidly appearing from the surface of the water. This would make the audience jump and link back to the genre which is a thriller.
Jabedul Islam

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