Monday, 17 January 2011

Filming The Thriller Newspaper Thriller Scene

Filming the thriller scene seemed very difficult as we were only allowed to stay inside college and there aren’t a lot of places in the college that look very dull and scary. The only thing we can do is use strong camera techniques, shots and angles to make it look as if something is going to happen. 

We had to have a minimum of 12 shots. These shots had to include an extreme close up, a point of view shot, and also an over the shoulder shot.  

The basic story line of our scene was a boy sitting down reading a newspaper and a guy creeping up on him. We kept the suspense up by continuously switching back and forth from the boy reading the newspaper and the guy creeping up on him.

First we started off by showing the setting, panning across the room and then down to show the boy sitting down on his own in the empty staircase, straight away, the slow panning and him being on his own creates a sense of vulnerability.  Preferably I would have liked the area to be a bit gloomier which is a lot less lit up, to give a feeling of what time of day it is and to make it a bit scarier, even with the night mode of, it’s still very bright. I them cut to an over the shoulder shot of what he was reading, coincidently I found a page on the newspaper that had the word murder in the heading which also gave a hint or made the audience think of what could happen.

I then cut to a point of view shot of a medium close up of the heading on the newspaper; I panned the camera right to make it look like us the audience are reading it from left to right. The next shot was a medium shot of the guy that’s creeping up and walking past the camera, I then turned the camera around 180 degrees and shit him walking from the back. We then jump to a point of view shot from the guy and to get the best result I held the camera free hand so it shakes when I walk with it through the corridor. The next shot was a shot of him reaching out to the door handle but instead of showing him going for the door handle, he reaches out for the camera lenses as if he is reaching out to us and it cuts very quickly when he is close to the lenses and shows a close up of him grabbing the handle. This is a very good technique as again it builds suspense and tension. 

Then I cut to a close up of the eyes of the boy reading the newspaper, he looks left and right, this again builds up suspense to make it look like he heard something so his looking around to see, but he sees nothing.  After that we have a low angle shot and the guy is running up the stairs, we follow holding the camera free hand, it then quickly jumps to a high angle over the shoulder shot of the boy looking down to see the guy running up, and then again cuts to a point of view shot of the boy moving the newspaper away only to quickly see a punch coming towards him and the camera freezes. All this is rapid jump shots so the thrill is at its peak.

The last process was to select the start and ending of the session and export it as a movie file. We then used a programme called handbrake to compress the video to an mp4 format to make it a smaller file size to upload to the blog, by doing this, it speed up the uploading process, but decreased the quality.

When it came to editing, my group new exactly what we wanted so it was no problem getting it done and we finished before everyone. The only effect we put on  the clip is we speak up the end punch by a tiny bit.
Overall, for the first time I’ve shot something, I think the outcome is great, I think it could have been improved if there was time for sound fx and audio, as well as proper props and lighting, and it would have made a big impact in a positive way if we had a different setting I really enjoyed making it, I feel like I put in a lot of great ideas while filming and put a great deal of contribution editing.

The Last 

Jabedul Islam

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