Thursday, 13 January 2011


Step father is a film that the whole class watched together. It’s a thriller film that is about a man who targets single mother families and kills the whole family. Here are three scenes that I thought had a lot of suspense.

The first moment of suspense I came across was the beginning of the movie. Where the whole house was a mess and there’s choir music in the background. You can see the family on the floor dead with blood splattered. This builds suspense in the audience making us wonder what this could be about. The main part of the beginning of the movie which built the most suspense for me was when the camera tilted and we saw a dead boy. This was a bit scary and the music in the background adds to the suspense that is created, from there on we go to see more dead bodies and we can assume what the movie is going to be about.

The second bit of suspense that I was drawn to was when the step father goes to the old ladies house to murder her. The whole audience jumped when the cat jumped out, but this was false Plato. The audience knew something was going to happen and what adds to the suspense is the fact there was a few over the shoulder shots to increase her vulnerability and the use of mirrors.

The last bit i found to have a lot of suspense was when he murders the lady in the swimming pool. When she was just about to leave she hears a sound, she turns around and walks towards it to see what it is, and when she sees an umbrella in the centre of the swimming pool, we the audience think in our heads “don’t go to it” as we know what’s going to happen. The rainy stormy weather adds to the suspense and sets the atmosphere. When David strangles her the weather almost gets worse and heavier and the expression on her face being strangled makes us feel un easy.
Jabedul Islam

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