Tuesday, 18 January 2011

How suspence is created in 'Stepfather'

The stepfather is a film that we watched together as a class. This film is about a single man who meets single mothers who have a family of their own in supermarkets and tries to make the family better however as the film shows he cant cope with many modern families and ends up killing or trying to kill families that he joins.  

This film contains many scenes of suspense like the first moment i noticed at the beginning of the film was when it was showing how he killed his previous family and the bodies all over the house followed by traces of blood and possible weapons he may have used to kill them. The music also adds to the suspense as he is portrayed as a normal everyday working man as he shaves (choir music). The main part that made the suspense effective was when it showed him walking out of the house and as he was walking out there was a camera tilt to show a dead child; the music then added to this effect as the music then began to sort of 'sink' or 'deepen'. After this first scene viewers then get a sense of what the film is going to be about.

The second moment of suspense that caught my attention was when he drowns the woman in the swimming pool.

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