Tuesday, 18 January 2011

How suspense is created in Step Father

Stepfather is a triller film which is in the theme of a man who kills his family and targets another single parent family. There are 3 scenes of suspense that i have spotted which i thought was affective.    
                           The first suspense scene was in the beginning of the film which is when a christmas carol is played. The next thing that might happen isn't predicted as a slow and peaceful song isn't expected in a triller film. The part that creates suspension is when there are dead bodies around whilst the man is peaceful and acts like theres nothing wrong. I think that this was one of the best ways of creating suspense.
                           The second bit of suspense is created when the "Stepfather" watches the girl and boy in the bedroom. The door being open makes the audience realise that the man is watching them, then is there. When the boy jumps it also makes the audience jump.  
                            Finally, in the bit where the man drowns the lady there is suspense created because we as the audience know he is going to kill her.


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