Monday, 17 January 2011

Introduction To Basic Camera Skills And Funtions.

In this lesson we were taught how to set up and function the cameras.  The media technician ran us though a PowerPoint presentation and I found it all pretty easy and basic. We learnt how to set up the camera stand. We then learnt how to insert the two memory cards into the camera.   

Each memory card has about an hours’ worth of recording time, if 1 runs out, it will automatically switch to the other. We had to learn how to insert and take out the battery safely without damaging the camera is I had to push it right first before ejecting. When the camera is on it would make a sound.   

After that we were taught how to use manual focus adjusting the lens to focus on distant or closer objects, we were also taught how to use functions on how to adjust lighting settings for when there’s too much sun light or too little sunlight, similar to “night mode”.  It was important to know how to safely place the camera onto the stand, and then how to release it, as pulling it harshly without pressing the red release button could damage the equipment.

Jabedul Islam

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