Saturday, 1 January 2011

Livetype And Soundtrack PRO: SKILLS

In our lesson we were given an introduction to livetype and soundtrack by the media technician these instructions were very basic. I finished my task before the class so i explored soundtrack pro before the introduction.

i found soundtrack very easy to use and i understood it in detail as i use similar programs such as logic pro and reason 4.0 at home to produce my own music as i am a passionate musician. i put music into my film for my group and added extra fx such as reverb and compression. I also added extra sound fx like the noise from the door opening, the footsteps, and also the punch in the end.

Soundtrack was easier to use than most other music producing programs and the layers helped a lot. Adjusting the volume, fading in and out was easy as well.

I have never come across live type before but this also was very easy to use, the introduction from the technician helped but I think I could have figured it out for myself as it is very basic.

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