Thursday, 27 January 2011

Response To Watching Documentary - Research

Question 1.
You need to grab the audience’s attention from the start so that they have an urge to watch the rest of the film and want to know what happens next; the audience might be disappointed.

Question 2.
The risk of an instant arousal is the fact that you might not be able to keep up the tension and what you can do next that is more exciting.

Question 3.
A good beginning must engage the audience and give a feel about what the movie is about, the genre; whether they should laugh or weather, they should take it seriously etc...

Question 4.
Critic Stanley Kauffman describes the classic opening as a wide New York City view, with the camera zooming into a building, then into a window, past the receptionist and end up in a private office room. this works because it gives a sense of normality, this lets the audience know that it is a normal day.

Question 5.
Kyle coopers title sequence to the film seven is effective because it tells the audience what the rest of the film is like from the start so the audience want to carry on watching to know what happens in the rest of the movie.

Question 6.
Orson Welles wanted to achieve a sense of what the film was about even before the film started. What he wanted to do was play his own music over universal studios logo without there sound. This caused a huge argument after they re edited and put their music back on. He wrote a 58-page memo telling them why he wanted to use his own music; in the end, they won the battle.

Question 7.
What "a favourite trick of film noir" means is showing the ending of the film right at the start, and after that, the rest of the film unravels telling the story. This is good because it keeps the audience engaged and makes the audience want to know what happens next.

Question 8.
The opening to the film "shining" creates suspense by making the audience feel as the car is being followed almost as a predator would hunt its prey. From high up and from behind. We, the audience know that the car is going in the complete wrong direction.

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