Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Title sequences ( What Lies Beneath)

The following information is provided in general title sequences; Costume design and edited by, music by, producers, director, (starring namess of actors, individual actors, casting, sex design, music supervisor, written by, director of photography and film title. 

In the title sequence of What Lies Beneath, out of the range there is only the producers stated and film title, which is 20th Century Fox, Image Movers and What lies Beneath. The producers titles takes approximately 50 seconds altogether, and takes most of the time given. The producer 20th Century Fox is kept longer than Image Movers which show that one is less important than the other and is more representative. The difference between this title sequence than the other ones is that What Lies Beneath has only got the film title and producers, whereas others have more than this. 

Berivan Aslan

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