Thursday, 10 February 2011


In today’s lesson, we watched documentary on film openings in particular we looked at thriller openings and how they grab the audiences’ attention how they make the audience want to come back and watch another movie made by the director.
     As Thomas Sutcliffe famously says films need to seduce their audience into long term commitment. 
While there are two many types of seduction, the temptation to go for instant arousal is almost irresistible.’ here I believe Sutcliffe explains how the opening of a thriller causes the audience to want to come back and watch another movie made by the director even if the ending of that particular movie is not as effective as the beginning however the audience will still want to come back And watch the next movie as they know they will get the same thrill as before from the beginning of the film.
      However some disagree with and opening of the film being an 'instant arousal' to the audience, an example of someone who disagrees with this is Jean Jacques Beineix who says the risks of this type of opening is that the director will give away all the story and there will be nothing else to give to the audience.
     But a good beginning could make the audience feel that they know something but don't know enough and also make the audience feel that they know something, An example where this is shown in our clip is where the camera moves in into the window of a tower block and goes past some people in the office, then it goes through some people into the office and finally to the main character, this establishing shot reveals the main character and also reveals what is going to happen, however there is a twist which makes it a good film as it applies to the above.
    An example of a good beginning is the film Seven by kyle cooper, it is a good beginning as it uses various techniques which sets a film apart, for example it gives the audience a strong feel for what genre it is, it also gives the audiences enough information on what the film is going to be about however it does not give away enough for the audience to know what the film is about.
   However other directors such as Orson wells chose to have a completely different approach to film openings, in his film a touch of evil, he wanted to begin the film by not having any credits or music however the company did not agree to this as they believed it would damage their reputation in the end Universal Studios added their music and credits to it.
   Another opening would be starting a film with the end, this would then create an effect between the audience and the film as this isn't usual for a normal film, this was was use by film Noir.
  We also looked at another film opening 'the shining' a film created by Stanley Kubrick, has a very effective opening it gives the genre of the film and also engages with the audience, the opening of the film is a car being followed from a birds eye view, I believe this creates tension as the car is being followed, using the birds eye view makes it seem as if the car is a prey being hunted like a predator, similar to a eagle hunting a mouse, which often ends with the mouse dying so this would give you this idea about the car.

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