Monday, 14 February 2011

Evaluation Of Prelim Film

Our story line was about a guy who wants to flirt with a girl and she ignores him as he gets her name mixed up with 3 other girls. the story line was simple but we planned to make it interesting with the type of shots, angles and sound.

We decided to go with comedy as it appeals to a wide audience and amusing to watch.
We took a lot of different shots and had to do a lot of takes as i thought some of the angles were not really that interesting.

when we went to edit our clips, i watched it over and decided that it wasn't really interesting, so we went back to    take a few more shots. editing for my group is always easy as we all work together and pitch in ideas. part of our task we had to have a match cut and over the shoulder shot which i made sure we had. i think our match cut worked really well and looks very professorial.

when it came to adding sound, i'm really talented in that area, i knew exactly what i wanted and we went for that corny feel. we made it simple with a quiet drum beat in the background with the guitar..
i really enjoyed filming and editing this even though some bits my group disagreed on, we always came to an agreement, the only difficult thing was coming up with a good storyboard.

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