Thursday, 10 February 2011

Film Research-audience task

    In todays lesson we had to research on Films and their audiences and how the age limit of a film affects who watches is it and how it is watched. For example horror films have less views than animations for example this is because they are available to more audiences which will mean they will get more views than the horror genre which has an age limit (15+/18+) this means younger viewers cannot watch it, this will also give an advantage to films such as animation.
   Also today we learnt about the statistics of movies watched for example there was 503 movies released last year and the 31 of those movies were suspense/ thriller, the genre gross of this was £42,578,104 4 percent of the years box office and the top three films were Angels and demons, knowing and harry brown.
   57 of the films were Action/Adventure the genre Gross was £175,605,809 million it was 16.4% of the years box office, the top three films for this genre were Transformers: Revenge of the fallen, Sherlock Holmes and X Men Origins: Wolverine.
   Animation released 14 films and the genre gross was £159,209,734 also the percentage of the year's box office for Animation was 14.9% and the top three films were Ice Age 3, Up and Monsters Vs Aliens.
   In the comedy genre 99 films were released and the genre gross was £219,228,278 and it made 20.5% of the years box office, the top three films in the comedy genre were The Hangover, Night at the museum 2 and Alvin and the Chimpmonks 2.
    57 Documentary's were released last year making a genre gross of £12,008.787 and the it made 1.1% of the year's box office with the top three Documentary's being Michael Jackson's This Is It, The September Issue and The Jonas Brothers' 3D concert.
   With 17.2% of the years box office at third place was the drama genre it released 176 films and made a £184,040,456 genre gross with its top three films being Slumdog Millionaire, The Twilight Saga: New Moon and The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button.

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