Monday, 14 February 2011

Film Research-audience task

In this lesson we had to research how the age limit on films effect who watch them and how they are viewed. 
15+ and 18+ films have that age limit because it has strong sexual content, gore, explicit language which are usually related to horror/thriller.
animation films which are "u" rated or films that are 12+ will get viewed a lot more because it is open to a wider rage of audience. films that are open to a wider range of audience have more advantage, such as animations. 
we also done research on statistics of films watched. 
last year 503 movies were released and 31 of those were suspense/thriller. the genre gross of this was  £42,578,104 4 percent of the years box office and the top three films were Angels and demons, knowing and harry brown.
Animation released 14 films and the gross was £159,209,734.
57 of the films were Action/Adventure the genre Gross was £175,605,809 million it was 16.4% of the years box office, the top three films for this genre were Transformers: Revenge of the fallen, Sherlock Holmes and X Men Origins: Wolverine.
57 Documentary's were released last year making a genre gross of £12,008.787

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