Thursday, 17 February 2011

Filming Times

Our Group is planning to film during the half term period as we feel that it is the suitable time for us to film at that time, it allows us to have much more time editing our clips and also allows us to have more time retaking shots or taking new shots to add to our Film, also we chose to film during the half term and not before because we wanted to make sure that we got in most things that we want in our shots in as much detail as possible. However there are some disadvantages to us having a shorter period to film will mean that we may have less people turning up and therefore less filming done and we are aware of that, this is why we have decided to make a timetable which would be suitable for everyone. Additionally we also need to film during a particular time during sunset or just before sunrise, we need to do this as it is relevant to our mise-en-scene, having a darker atmosphere with not much traffic around creates a more tense atmosphere for our film, also at that time there will be less people around so we will be able to film more freely.

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