Sunday, 27 February 2011

Fonts are effective in films as they help show you what kind of film it is that you’re watching just by looking at the font.
The film cover of ‘saw’- the large font has significant meaning behind it. It shows that it is a thriller film and has complexity behind it. It shows that it’s a thriller film because of the colour of the font (black and red) which are very dark colours which can portray fear or sadness. Also the ‘w’ on “saw” looks like a pitch fork or some sort of weapon which tells the audience that this could be an important prop in the film.  In this cover Serifs are used, this shows that this is more formal

The film cover of ‘Rocky’ – the font is very bold and is big, it is a very masculine and simple font as it goes with the background image. The size could represent that ‘Rocky’ is a physically a strong character. San Serifs is used in this as it is used for less formal things, this could also reflect on the character of the film (less formal, simple person). From the font and the film cover, it is portrayed as a serious film and could be seen as boring.

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