Saturday, 5 February 2011


 Fonts in film titles are used to drag attention to the audience. In the film Avatar there is a chipped font which is used to represent an old tribal film. The font is thin and isn't really eye catching. This font refers to different age groups as it looks old but in the other hand uses white which is more attractive than the colour black. The genre of the film looks like a historical film.

The film Rocky has a BOLD font which is black and eye catching. Rather than the colour the bold writing grabs attention. This font represents the male character in the film as the woman is behind the man. The genre of the film looks romantic.

The two types of font are;

Serif fonts- i.e. Times and courier.
More traditional and more formal than sans serif fonts. Serif has slight more detail and the end of each letter.

Sans Serif fonts- i.e. Ariel and Verdana.
Generally more informal and more modern.

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