Thursday, 10 February 2011


Fonts are effective in films as they show what type of film your watching by just looking at the fonts, there are many things to look at in fonts of films, these include things such as the size the colour the the type of font it is if it is Serif or San Serif.
 Here are two film examples to show how fonts contribute to films:
Rocky Balboa
This film cover of Rocky is bold, showing he is more masculine and very simple. Also the title 'ROCKY' is large this could show that he is a strong person (physically). In this cover they use San Serifs this is used for less formal things this suggests that Rocky is a straight forward guy. Also the colour of this is very important as it is a dark colour which shows that this film is not a fun film but does include a sad story.

Pearl Harbour
Unlike the cover of the 'ROCKY' cover this is not as bold rather it uses more normal font, this could be to emphasise that even though this was a war film it had a love story in it. Also the colour in Pearl harbour is not as dull as 'ROCKY' but still has some fog over it, this could show that the love story overhauls the dull war. In this cover Serifs are used this shows that this is about a more formal person.

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