Thursday, 10 February 2011

Jellybaby storybord

This is the project that I and my group worked on to create a storyboard for our Preliminary project, we took many shots and put them together to create a storyboard, our story was set on two characters having a conversation. Also our story board was based on the famous love story, Pride and Prejudice
                In our storyboard we took different types of shots such as long shots, close ups and mid shots, we used a different range of shots as we thought it would have been more effective and also more professional.

This shot is a long shot of the two characters talking, the yellow jelly baby is the female and the purple jelly baby is the male, we chose these characters as we thought they were suitable.

This is a close up of one of one of our jelly baby characters talking to the other character the female character; this shot is also a POV shot.

Here we had the Female jelly baby walking away as she is not impressed by the male character.

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