Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Newspaper Thriller

Newspaper Thriller
Today we had to make a thriller about someone reading a newspaper, it was not difficult as we had a storyboard planned so we had steps of what to do and what camera shots we had to make, however it was the first time using the camera so we had to get to using it professionally for example we made sure that we had no shots that were above head level but overall it was simple.
Camera shots
We had many variations of shots as we needed them to make the video more tense video, for example we had a Extreme close up to create more suspense in our video. Also we had to have particular shots as they also made the film have more suspense but also it made it look more professional, for example having a close up of the eyes creates more suspense than if you had a long shot of the eyes in this clip. We also had to make sure that we did not make any mistakes using the camera for example we did not have a shot which was over the targets forehead also we tried not to use the zoom in button as we would have had to make look professional this is something which is difficult to do.
Mise en Scene 
For Mise en scene we had a limited choice as we had to make our newspaper thriller in the college meaning that we had less choice of where we had to film, however we chose to film in the darkest place possible as it is more relevant for the genre we where trying to achieve (thriller), also we chose to have a story of a murder case that involves children and we were in a school so we thought it would have been relevant to use this article from the newspaper as it adds suspense to the story. also we chose to have Aadam in the story attacking Jabedul as he is of a larger build which makes Jabedul seem more vulnerable and also creates tension to the story. Also in the shot Where Aadam is walking down the corridor the light turns off and on quickly we had noticed that the light was faulty and thought that by using it in our shot we would create more tension.
For sound we chose to have a spooky/mystery approach, we chose to have a low beat choice of sound we chose to have this because we believe that it creates more tension but also we believe that it creates an atmosphere of what is going to happen next the climax of our thriller, also we had sound effects added to create suspense, for example we used sound effects when Aadam is walking, we also had sound effects when Aadam opens the door.  
When editing this thriller we had to consider the fact that we had to make edits that would create tension, we used the computer to edit some shots such as us having to cut down clips so they can fit each other also we had to edit some parts of the clip out as it would run over and also not match our next shot, we also had to adjust the lighting so it would be darker, this would therefore create more tension to our thriller. Additionally, we used the camera to edit instead of editing on the computer, for example instead of cutting out shots we paused and to the same things in the frame from another angel, we found this easier.  

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