Sunday, 27 February 2011

Prelim evaluation

Our story line was about two girls who simply did not get on because of a previous event which took place which is then revealed slowly to the audience. This event was that one of the girls had flirted with the other girls boyfriend and she was very angry as she took the flirts phone and went. The storyline was slightly complicated as the audience woiuld still be in suspence after being drawn in to the clip.
As a group we decided to use various bits of comedy which included ‘taboo language’ . we decided to stick with this seeing as comedy is one of the features which appeals to a very large audience and can effectively be used to keep the audience engaged. We took a wide variety of shots to show the audience the surroundings of which it took place and also to create a better effect.
During editing, we worked as a group to help decide on our final soundtrack that would match and would play throughout our prelim and also the effects that we have used.  However I feel that there was more room for editing.

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