Thursday, 10 February 2011

Shots We Had To Use In The Preliminary Project

Match cut
A match cut is a shot from the previous scene, where there character continues what they were doing from the previous scene, but the camera angle changes however the character has to continue on what it was from the last scene precisely.
Here is an example of a Match Cut,

This is an over the shoulder shot of the conversation of the two characters.
Here the characters are doing the same thing carrying on from the last shot but at a different camera angel.

Shot Reverse Shot
Shot reverse shot is when a shot is taken of one character the moves on to the next character and back again to the first character in a shot reverse shot only two characters can be used and the timing also has to be perfect for it to work.
Example of a Shot reverse shot,
This is the shot of the character looking at the other character, the first shot of the Shot Reverse Shot.

This is the second shot of the other character looking back at the other character the second shot of the Shot Reverse Shot.

This is the third shot of the Shot reverse shot of the first Character looking at the character walking inside the room.

180 Degree Rule
The 180 degree rule is a rule that is used when there are two characters in the scene it says that the camera cannot go over the 180 degree angel as it will be crossing over which will look unprofessional. 

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