Monday, 28 February 2011

thriller audience research

Age limits on films – research shows that there is a necessary need for a certain age limit on certain films for example 15 +, 18+ films. This is because the certain film contains strong language, some sexual scenes, and some horror scenes which can traumatise the younger audience. The effect of this is that it can brain wash them and change their attitude and behaviour. Usually PG rated films will get a lot of views because it has a vast target audience as anyone whatever age can watch it (animation, some horror, comedy e.t.c) . Last year 503 films were released and 31 of those were horror/thriller films; thriller/horror only got 4% of the years box office compared to other genres (Action, Animation, Comedy 52% 2009) this could be because of the age limit on the horror films as less people are allowed to watch the film.

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