Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Thriller fonts final


We decided not to use text from live type as we just used text from Final Cut Pro as it provided us with simpler text fonts which matched our thriller opening just right and also it was quicker for us to make and import within out thriller opening.

overall experience

So far this year I feel that I’ve gotten to know my class mates better especially the members within my group. I feel that It has made me more responsible because I was trusted with the college’s filming equipment which had to be taken home for use on our thriller opening in the week end. I feel that I have learnt a lot since the beginning of the year for example using software to make our thriller opening; overall I think that this year was fun as i got to know and work with the class more and more.

3 moments of how suspense was created in the stepfather

This is a thriller film which we watched as a class for the lesson. This film is about a man who ‘fishes’ out single mothers within a family and attempts to control the family but then ends up killing the family. We are shown how it is a lifestyle for the character because in the beginning he is shown leaving the house after there are dead bodies all over the house and also during the film we uncover the truth of how he seduces another family in to thinking he is someone else until he reveals his true personality and character.
The first moment of suspense is in the beginning of the film as he is getting ready and leaves the house but as he leaves there is a camera tilt which shows a dead body as he walks through towards the front door; and also to go with this effect the music is peaceful but suddenly ‘drops’ and deepens as the camera tilt effect takes place. As it is in the beginning in the film, this creates suspense to the audience because the audience don’t know what has happened yet and how all the blood and dead bodies appeared in places all over the house.
The second moment of suspense that caught my attention and made me jump was when the step father goes over to the old lady’s house to kill her but as the atmosphere seems pretty slow and not moving at all a black cat suddenly jumps in front of the screen. This went ‘hand in hand’ with the cat’s violent ‘meow’ and the way in which the music which again was slow then suddenly dropped. Before this happened as the step father was moving to through the old lady’s house, more suspense was created by the mirrors which was in many frames of this scene as you could see many angles of the main stepfather character and the close up as well as the over the shoulder shots added to the tension within the film.
The third moment of suspense which made me feel a little uneasy was when the stepfather character kills the woman by drowning her in the swimming pool. There was a case of the audience knowing more than the character in this scene as the audience got that  typical feeling ‘don’t go out there’ but the audience knew something was going to happen before it happened. There was an over the shoulder shot as she walks towards the umbrella then she hears a sound and turns around and sees him. The close zoom on his face showed the expression that he was really going to kill her and then the zoom on her face showed how helpless and frightened she was. The weather in this scene is crucially used in this scene to help convey suspense as she is being strangled the rain begins to intensify which could show his power against her.

Film production companies


The productions company for our thriller opening was ‘candi’ which stands for city and Islington college. This means that our group didn’t have to search for a production companies opening however we did some research about existing production companies for example ‘20th century fox television’.

Friday, 25 March 2011

Production Company

our production company was candi (city and islington college) so we didn't have to look for a different one to put it, but we did look at other production companies and looked at what 1 would be suitable for our thriller after a bit of research on them.

Overall experience

Overall so far this year i believe that i learnt quite a few things for example i learnt how to Use Final cut pro. Also i found this year fun as we got to make short clips, however i also found this year stressful as we had a big target to reach in terms of the amount of blogs we had to put up.

Production Company

our production company was candi (city and islington college) so we didn't have to look for a different one to put it, but we did look at other production companies and looked at what 1 would be suitable for our thriller after a bit of research on them.

looking for fonts

we looked at many different fonts for out thriller title. we went on to see what type of different thriller fonts we can get, in the end we went with a preset final cut font, but we manipulated it and added effects to it to make it different, which really gave a much better effect to the overall look and feel of the clip.


This is handbreak the Program we used to put our films on our blogs.

overal experience

the whole experience was amazing, it was great fun to make and ive built a stronger relationship with me and my classmates. it gave me more knowledge and improved my skills on group work and at the same time being independent through blogging. it also made me a much more trustworthy and gave me responsibility as we were trusted to take expensive equipment home and bring it back on a certain time just the way we took it.

Final Day Edits

In todays lesson we had a limited time to get our Things in, for our opening we had to add production companies we decided to have the candi studios as we thought that it looked realistic but also simple, this is what suited our Film so we decided to have it. Also we had trouble exporting our video to final cut so we had some help from the technicians, this thought us one re two things fo the Handbreak program that we didn't know before. 

Gendre stereotypes


deep voice


house wife/receptionist


Titles: Guide used

Writer's ( both screenplay and story ) 
Produced By: 
Original music by: 
Production designer 
Art Direction 
Set Decoration 
Costume Design 
Makeup Department 
Production Management 
Second unit director or Assistant director 
Art Department ( with job title nest to name) 
Sound department( with job title next to name ) 
Visual effects 
camera & electrical department 
casting department 
costume & wardrobe department 
Editorial department 
Music department 
Other crew

looking at social class in media lesson

in the media there are many different social classes that are used here are some examples of the different classes that there are:
Upper Class-
these will be portrayed as, richer people, more upper class and royal people.
Middle class-
these will be people such as Architects, business/office and so on.
Working Class-
these will be portrayed as Factory, retail, plumbing classes.
people such as long term unemployed, homeless.

screen shots from final clip.

screen shots from the final product!

Titles: Ideas

This is the tutorial that we used to help us add titles to our Film.

animatic storyboard: planning

originally our plan was to get ideas and plots that were inspired from other clips for the prelim, we went for the concept of pride and prejudice. we thought this was a good choice as our genre was a romance.
we also wanted a bit of comedy in there as it always keeps the audience happy.

Animatic StoryBoard: planning

Our Plan was to use ideas from other plots to make the Prelim, In the lesson we looked at intertextuality, so this gave us a good idea of what we had to do in our Prelim. In the end we decided that our prelim was going to use the concept of Pride and Prejudice, we decided to use this as our genre it was a romance and we think that it is a good idea to use pride and prejudice.

changed we did for rough cut

our rough cut of the clip had no sound, no titles, and no transition effects, on the edited version the group watches the whole clip over with a teacher, had a little meeting about what changes we want to make and i suggested what type of sounds we can have,

i firstly started putting in sounds so we can have a good idea of the feel of our clip as we was scared we might make it a horror instead. i out all the sounds in and made sure there all synchronized in time. i then made sure all the sounds volumes were right as i didnt want it to be too quiet but at the same time not too loud and distorted. we watched it all back again and it was looking good, and it reassured us that it is a thriller not horror.

we then ended up with a clip that was 2 minutes and 43 seconds long.
i came back at workshops and spent about 2 hours shortening and editing all of it down to 2 minutes. mainly cutting down clips and removing bits that dont make a big difference to the clip.

we added titles in order and also the candi production clip at the start of the clip.

Changes We Need of rough cut

We needed not only to change our rough cut but we also needed to add sound And also to add the titles.
Editing: we needed to change a few things, as our opening went to plan, however we had to the editing effects, to make our movie what we wanted it to look like.
Sound: we also need to add sounds to our rough cut, however this was not difficult as we had it ready and aslo we knew where we wanted it to go and also we had an idea what we wanted it to go with so it would look effective.
Titles: for the titles we had to edit them on again as they were not as professional or as effective as we wanted them to be so we decided to do them again after doing some research and following a list that was given to us.

Final Product Editing Screen Grabs

These are screen Grabs of us in the editing Process:

Examples Of Thrillers

This is an example of a thriller that i Looked at to get ideas for the opening of our thriller.

Different Audiences

There are many different audiences that could view our clip theres the national audience also there is the local audiences.
National audiences are defined by country they are likely to be the largest.
These are usually defined bu cities, they are likely to share similar or certain characteristics.
Local and national audiences can be used for both Music and Film.

Movie Titles

These are the titles we used in our Opening, here is the first shot with the Ident of our Film.

This is the production company of our Film.

Here are some of our of Titles:



Co Director

Director Of Photography

Movie Audiences: techniques Used

There are many different ways that allow us to engage or lern about the movie before we watch them this allows us to have an insight to what there will be on the movie and if we will enjoy it or not here are some techniques used:
Advertisement- this allows us to be exposed to the film before it is out in cinemas.
Trailer- Allows us to know what the plot is like also there will be anticipation for it to be released by the audience.

Gendre Stereo type

Stereo types is what you would expect in a movie of what the characters will be like here are two examples of male stereo types and female stereotype.
more professional
Home with the kids

Looking At social Class in Media.

In the media there are many different social classes that are used here are some examples of the different classes that there are:
Upper Class-
these will be portrayed as, richer people, more upper class and royal people.
Middle class-
these will be people such as Architects, business/office and so on.
Working Class-
these will be portrayed as Factory, retail, plumbing classes.
people such as long term unemployed, homeless.

Fonts- Final

Looking at the different types of fonts in LiveType, me and my group decided not to use LiveType but instead use the fonts in Final Cut Pro. The reason for this was because we wanted to have plain text as it would be more suitable for our film. 

Rough cut analysis

Even though we didn't have no titles in our movie i think it looked quite professional and interesting as we didn't have too much information on whats going to happen. We filmed the back of graveyards so we could put the titles on, which would make the titles look clear and better. We also had the music missing which was one of the most important things. Having a rough cut made us understand how we could improve some of the things in movie and what we could change. 

Comparing: Final Project and Rough cut

There were two differences between our final product and our rough cut, firstly our rough cut did not include sound and also it did not include the titles.
Titles- we added titles to our final product using Final cut pro as we found it useful as it was simple and also affective, We had to follow a certain timeline and order that we had done earlier in the course, we found this useful as it gave us an idea to what titles we had and where we had them. Also i believe that it made a huge difference as it gave our opening a more professional and also a more movie look.
Sound- We also had to add sound to our final project as we did not have it in our rough cut, however we had the sound ready and we had an idea of where we wanted it to go and also what we wanted it to go with so we found this quite useful, also i believe that the sound also had a major effect on our product as it gave it the mystery effect we was looking for.  

Sound- Final

As one of our group member's profession was sound we used other programs such as Adobe Audition and Reason. We made our own sound which in my opinion is the most effective part of our movie. The sound was one of the things that took us the longest out of the edits because the sound was one of the features that helps us understand what is happening in the title sequence.

Adobe Audition



Final Project: Analysis

overall I think that our final product came out as we planed, even though we had a view problems with editing on final cut pro we managed to solve the problems with the help of teachers.  Also In our final project we had to add sound and also we had to add the titles, firstly we added the titles but they were in the wrong order and the font we had used was not professional so we decided to change it to make it more professional, so we decided to use look at it in detail we done some research on the order we had to put the titles in and also the fonts that were appropriate, after we had done this we put the video and the titles together and it added to great affect. Also the sound we had planned carefully before so we had no problems fitting it in to the video.

Final Product analysis

i think our final draft was very good. all the sound effects wer in good timing, the editing was good and all the shots look great. i think we could habe made it better by playing about with the light settings but it still looks fine. the font we used at first wasnt that good, we didnt use the "title safe" either, we changed the fint to a more professional look and also made the size bigger, we used the title safe feature to make sure it was at the right position.


Sound And Adobe Auditions

 This is one of the programs we used to create sound for our final project, this program is 'Reason' we decided to use this because it allowed us to use many different things that Sound track pro didn't allow us to us. Also we had Jabedul in our group he is experienced at making music we gave him ideas and he made the music. At the bottom is another program we used to make our sounds this program is Adobe auditions we also found this easier to use and also we found it more productive.

Sound: final project

as i am really creative and produce music at home myself a lot, soundtrack pro was very easy for me to work with and making music was no problem at all, but after a quick group meeting, we all decided it was best to not have music but have sound effects instead. i went home and recorded my little brother and sister singing kids nursery rhymes and added effects such as phaser, delay and reverb. this ade it sound scary. i also exported single sounds from reason 4.0 for example wind rushing and radio active wave signals.
the quality of everything i recorded was to a reasonably high standard as i have a home studio.
to record i used a behringer c-1 condenser mic with a program called adobe audition 3.0.

reason 4.0

adobe audition 3.0

Rough Cut: Final Project

Even though our the rough version of our final project didn't include any sounds, I thought that it was a good start as it included all of the things that we wanted to have in our plan, also having a rough cut gave us ideas of what we had to improve to make our final project more effective, In our rough cut we also had ideas of where we wanted to have our titles and also our music.

Using live type for prelim movie

live type was pretty simple to use. had great features and loads of different fonts and transition features. but we decided we didn't want anything fancy and wanted it plane and simple to make it look as realistic as possible.

Editing the film

we planned to have very fast cut jump shots in out film as this will keep the audience interested but at the same time waiting in suspense. we also wanted to slow some bits sown, for example panning across the back of gravestones, which gives us enough time to for the title to come in and fade out. in the end we decided to do out titles in final cut pro instead of live type as all we wanted was a simple font with a fade in and fade out. live type was a bit too fancy.

Making Of Clips

to film the final end product. we all met up on a saturday at college and together we went to the graveyard were our scene is going to be filmed.
we tried to be creative and took weird angle shots of interesting things such as angel statues, we planned before hand, that we would not have a plot to keep our audience in suspense and not give away the story. 
while taking the shots we thought about where out titles would go and how we are going to make it look good on screen. 
while we was there, i found a tree with different names on it, i thought taking a shit of it would be very interesting as the names on the tree could possibly be some of the characters in the film.


Firstly we met up at the college with all our group members. The weather condition's wasn't bad so we didn't need any precautions or an umbrella for our camera. We took on average 73 shots of the graveyard. As our film isn't going to have a story line we concentrated more on the  gravestones. The filming was successful and didn't take us really long to film. Because i was the only character i wasn't really filming. I only had one go filming the graveyard from a high angle.

Animatic storyboard

Using live type for prelim movie

 Despite using livetype for the first time we didn't do bad and added a text to the end of our prelim movie.

PRELIM shots

Match cut is a edit that goes from one object to another. The camera changes either angles or shots but from the exact scene. The example of a match cut in our movie is: 

Shot reverse shot is when you show one character and then the other which makes it look like they are both facing each other. 

PITCH powerpoint