Wednesday, 30 March 2011

3 moments of how suspense was created in the stepfather

This is a thriller film which we watched as a class for the lesson. This film is about a man who ‘fishes’ out single mothers within a family and attempts to control the family but then ends up killing the family. We are shown how it is a lifestyle for the character because in the beginning he is shown leaving the house after there are dead bodies all over the house and also during the film we uncover the truth of how he seduces another family in to thinking he is someone else until he reveals his true personality and character.
The first moment of suspense is in the beginning of the film as he is getting ready and leaves the house but as he leaves there is a camera tilt which shows a dead body as he walks through towards the front door; and also to go with this effect the music is peaceful but suddenly ‘drops’ and deepens as the camera tilt effect takes place. As it is in the beginning in the film, this creates suspense to the audience because the audience don’t know what has happened yet and how all the blood and dead bodies appeared in places all over the house.
The second moment of suspense that caught my attention and made me jump was when the step father goes over to the old lady’s house to kill her but as the atmosphere seems pretty slow and not moving at all a black cat suddenly jumps in front of the screen. This went ‘hand in hand’ with the cat’s violent ‘meow’ and the way in which the music which again was slow then suddenly dropped. Before this happened as the step father was moving to through the old lady’s house, more suspense was created by the mirrors which was in many frames of this scene as you could see many angles of the main stepfather character and the close up as well as the over the shoulder shots added to the tension within the film.
The third moment of suspense which made me feel a little uneasy was when the stepfather character kills the woman by drowning her in the swimming pool. There was a case of the audience knowing more than the character in this scene as the audience got that  typical feeling ‘don’t go out there’ but the audience knew something was going to happen before it happened. There was an over the shoulder shot as she walks towards the umbrella then she hears a sound and turns around and sees him. The close zoom on his face showed the expression that he was really going to kill her and then the zoom on her face showed how helpless and frightened she was. The weather in this scene is crucially used in this scene to help convey suspense as she is being strangled the rain begins to intensify which could show his power against her.

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