Friday, 25 March 2011

changed we did for rough cut

our rough cut of the clip had no sound, no titles, and no transition effects, on the edited version the group watches the whole clip over with a teacher, had a little meeting about what changes we want to make and i suggested what type of sounds we can have,

i firstly started putting in sounds so we can have a good idea of the feel of our clip as we was scared we might make it a horror instead. i out all the sounds in and made sure there all synchronized in time. i then made sure all the sounds volumes were right as i didnt want it to be too quiet but at the same time not too loud and distorted. we watched it all back again and it was looking good, and it reassured us that it is a thriller not horror.

we then ended up with a clip that was 2 minutes and 43 seconds long.
i came back at workshops and spent about 2 hours shortening and editing all of it down to 2 minutes. mainly cutting down clips and removing bits that dont make a big difference to the clip.

we added titles in order and also the candi production clip at the start of the clip.

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