Friday, 25 March 2011

Comparing: Final Project and Rough cut

There were two differences between our final product and our rough cut, firstly our rough cut did not include sound and also it did not include the titles.
Titles- we added titles to our final product using Final cut pro as we found it useful as it was simple and also affective, We had to follow a certain timeline and order that we had done earlier in the course, we found this useful as it gave us an idea to what titles we had and where we had them. Also i believe that it made a huge difference as it gave our opening a more professional and also a more movie look.
Sound- We also had to add sound to our final project as we did not have it in our rough cut, however we had the sound ready and we had an idea of where we wanted it to go and also what we wanted it to go with so we found this quite useful, also i believe that the sound also had a major effect on our product as it gave it the mystery effect we was looking for.  

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