Thursday, 24 March 2011

Fonts: Final Project

For our final Project we had a choice of many different fonts, it was difficult to decide which fonts we wanted to use for our final project. In the End however we decided to use a simple font which will match our Video And also our genre, the Font we decided to use in the End was Italics we decided to use italics as it was a font that didn't stand out as much as the other fonts that were available to us, but it was also a font that suited our opening, the font suited our opening as they were both simple yet effective when put together.
Serif and Sen-Serif, for our opening it was a simple task to decide if we used serif's or if we used Sen-serif, we decided to use sen-serif, as it unlike serifs less Formal, and this is the type of thing that we wanted as it suits our genre in a greater way. It also Gives the Audience a clue within the titles alone.
Here are examples Of different Fonts that were available to us:

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