Thursday, 24 March 2011

Making Of Clips: Final Project

To film our final product the we met up at the college and headed to the graveyard, there we took our videos. We had many different shots, from different angles and also we had to think about where the titles would go on the screen.
Mise-En-Scene- In our clips we decided to go straight into the graveyard so it would have a effective effect and the audience will be engaged right from the start, however we had to be careful as we didn't want to give our story away so we decided to have quick shots just to introduce one of the main characters in our plot. Also we had to think carefully to what we had in our shots, for example we decided to have names on the tree in one of our shots as it would  be effective to what the opening is trying to do, this is to make the audience ask questions, this also goes together with other effects that we had planned, effects such as the Sound and Music.
Sound- It was difficult to decide on which type of sounds we should use and also if it was diegetic or non-diegetic sounds, in the end however we decided to use non-digetic sound as we thought it suited our clips better.
Edit- we also had to consider editing in our filming, for example we had to have shots where the Titles would go so we had to think about where we had our shots in order to edit the Titles in with it looking professional.

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