Thursday, 24 March 2011

Sound: Final Project

In our final project, I believe that sound was the most important aspect this is because it added a great effect in many ways, it allowed the audience to engage more with the footage, the sound we chose to add makes the audience want to know more it forces them to ask questions about what is happening and what is going to happen later on in the film, this is what our group aimed for to make the audience question, we did not want our opening to involve any murder as it will then be a more horror genre rather than a thriller we wanted the audience to keep guessing by giving them clues which are not effective enough to reveal the plot but still keep them guessing, and I believe sound added a great effect to that as I believe we chose the right type of Sound .
Also We used Our own programs (Reason And Adobe Audition) to Edit the sound to our Project, this program was also useful as it allowed us to also use a range of different effects that would suite our Video.
Here Is The program that we used to edit the sound on our Video:

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