Friday, 8 April 2011

Evaluation: Q3

Audience and Stereotypes.
In movies there are many different stereotypes, the audience will look at the Mise-En-Scene and how the characters behave to assume how they will behave, for Example if the audience where asked to identify the things in a males bag and a female bag they will assume different things:
Male bag                                Female Bag 
Papers from work                   Makeup
laptop                                     Healthy food
Phone                                     Tissue
Cigarettes                               Wipes

Albert, who is 23 is a student at a London, Queen Mary university lives with his girlfriend, he enjoys watching thriller movies during his free time, he usually goes out to watch movies but occasionally he stays  at home and has a film night with friends, he also tends to use the internet in his free time he spends time on social networking sites such as Facebook and Youtube, I believe that Albert wil be attracted to our Film 'I found You' as he enjoys thriller movies, but also he will be exposed to it as he uses Facebook and Youtube which are ways that we plan to distribute our media from

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