Thursday, 7 April 2011

EVALUATION question 3

Alan is your regular young adult, age 25 working part time in an electronic store; who enjoys the perks of being young and living life stress free. Currently buried under the books in his studies of accounts and finance, even he deserves a shopping break from time to time in his best preferred retail stores such as ‘Blue INC’. Alan is best described as a serious person who likes to get things done the quickest way possible... so his friends say... but his girlfriend and family get to see the more relaxed side of him of which they describe him to be casual and always having ‘a laugh’. Like millions of people, Alan also has a social life where he can keep in contact with everyone he knows through a social networking website known as ‘Facebook’... he likes to catch up with old friends from time whether it’s a coffee down the road or a day out to go see the latest film in the cinema with his girlfriend. Alan has a great passion for the thriller scene compared to the other genres because he has a great hunger for finding a film to make him get the chills or goose bumps... especially when he’s watching them with his girlfriend as he likes to feel like he can protect her. This how ‘I found you’ comes into his life by constantly building up tension and leaving him trying to put the pieces together by showing and not telling what is going to happen with sudden outbursts which make him jump, its these moments that he will stay with him. Whether the audience is young or old you can’t guarantee you won’t be shaken up as with Alan’s confidence that he was so sure it wouldn’t have any effect on him at all... but he was wrong.

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