Thursday, 7 April 2011

EVALUATION question 4&5

This is a trailer for an independent film called ‘My Name is Jerry’. This film trailer has a total of 102,213 views on YouTube. The internet is used to launch this film trailer in to a wider audience because the internet is available to millions of people all over the world who have access to common websites such as YouTube and Facebook hence it is quick to get viewed by people all over the world and its virtually no cost what so ever to promote an independent low budget film.
 I have followed a similar model myself by already getting my groups thriller trailer viewed by 142 students in a cinema along with all the media studies teachers. Also, i have uploaded my thriller trailer onto blogger which like a social network website and is viewable to all media studies students and teachers which could then make it on to YouTube. again the use of facebook could attract an audience as i could post my video on my wall and it would appear on their home screens, or i could get an audience by posting it on youtube and thriller film websites. i could also adertise my thriller opening in the local newspaper.

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