Thursday, 7 April 2011

EVALUATION question 8

Since the preliminary task I think that it made us more familiar with using the equipment and filming properly as more experience was gained as with editing. We planned the preliminary briefly but ended up saying our ideas out loud and went with the most realistic one and ended up improvising, this was risky because our preliminary had no structure. Without a proper plan, producing it wasn’t easy however we still pulled through and it gave us tonnes of experience which really helped a lot on the final. We learnt how to take many match cut shots and different angles which was used in the film. We took a lot of shots to find the one which best fitted the scene and deleted the ones which we didn’t like. Filming the preliminary gave us a better understanding of the camera and tripod to get the best shots. Using final cut pro with the preliminary task gave us a better insight with the editing software. We started off with the easy edits then wanting to try some other edits which looked better which eventually got us to getting a grips with a bit of the more harder edits. This enabled us to get more creative which again helped us greatly with the final product as we began to feel more comfortable. We didn’t really to create a soundtrack for our preliminary because we decided the diegetic sound was best. On the other hand we did manage to use soundtrack pro to get an insight of what kind of music will go with our thriller opening; in the end we decided that the default presets weren’t really working for us so we used ‘reason 4.1’ which we felt gave us far better sound results than soundtrack pro. in general i think that i partially left the sound for the final thriller to another member of my group who is called Jabedul i think that i wasn't confident enough with the software and i will be addressing this in a2. Compared to the preliminary which basically had no plan i felt that we had improved because we planned the final thriller and added ideas afterwards which unlike before gave it more structure and more specific things ti work around with the final thriller.

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